About Us

Lift! is a suite of marketing, event, and promotional services specifically tailored to quickly accelerate small businesses, new businesses, and companies eager to compete for greater market share. We're based in the greater Chicago area and boast clients from across the continental United States - from “mom-and-pop” start-ups to Fortune 500 heavy-hitters.

Lift! marketing services is the brainchild of a coalition of veteran marketing consultants. The principle agents are Right Mind, inc. and TriStar Promotions and Events, inc. The flexibility of the Lift! operational model allows us to tap the resources and professional-expertise of our partners as-needed, resulting in flexible service offerings, a broad base of knowledge and experience, and substantial cost-savings for our clients.

The Lift! experience is streamlined and powerful, even for those clients who have never before worked with a professional agency. Each Lift! project is configured to include the optimal blend of creative talent, production capabilities, and hands-on management to achieve the client’s goals and meet budgetary requirements. We guide clients step-by-step through the process, making certain each goal is clearly defined and illustrating the sound professional practices behind each decision.

Contact us today to learn how Lift! services can position you for growth, fuel your strategies, and land your objectives.

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